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Let Us Help You Guard Your Credit

We are making the process of disputing as simple as possible so that anyone can approach it. This is where we started to envision “Credit Analysis/Audit services” and all the possible benefits we could bring to those who select this option. The possibilities are endless to those who care enough to take responsibility and control of their credit situation.

These are the possible outcomes of having good credit:

Increased credit limits
Ability to secure credit, home loans and car loans
Lower mortgage rates
More negotiating power & LEVERAGE

Get a detailed credit analysis/audit of your credit report outlining what is hurting your credit and scores so that we may work together on implementing a course of action!


Description of services:


  • We will review your credit report for inaccurate items.

  • Review for outdated accounts.

  • Review your credit report for inaccurate personal information.

  • Review accounts that can be brought current.

  • Review revolving and installment accounts with high credit utilization.

  • Build a plan to help you maintain your new credit 

  • Send up to 3 rounds of dispute letters

No more time to waste. Let's start guarding your credit!​


Please sign up for "Identity IQ" before filling out the form below, because we will need access to import your credit report into our credit repair portal to generate your credit analysis report.


(You will cancel before the 7 day trial ends, so you won't be charged)


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After you have submitted the form above, you will receive an invoice for your payment, which will include cover the one-time setup fee. Services start at $449.00** and increase providing the complexity of the work that needs to be rendered. Due to the overwhelming response, please allow up to 5-7 business days for your account to be set up and your credit analysis to be completed. We will  contact with you to schedule your first Analysis Consultation. Please be certain to check your email often so that you will not miss any correspondence from our office.

**Complexity of service to be rendered is solely at the discretion of the Credit Guardians Administrative staff and is based on the years of experience, expertise in the industry and providing services for hundreds of clients throughout.