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what is piggybacking?

Piggybacking is a term used when someone who is building their credit is added as an 'Authorized User' to someone's credit card who has established credit. They will benefit from the payment history, longevity of the opened account and credit limit. Piggybacking could help increase one's credit score, but this must be done strategically in order to reap the full benefits and maximum points. 

 Credit Guardians will:

  • Analyze your credit report

  • Evaluate the areas where improvement is needed

  • Make appropriate recommendations based on the 5 factors of credit scores 

How does this work?

Once your credit is analyzed you will be paired with a card that best suits your unique needs that will give you the best outcome and possible points.

Will I be issued a card to use?

You will not receive a physical card. You are simply benefiting from the payment history, credit limit/utilization and credit age history of the card holder.


How are card holders chosen?


Card holders undergo a rigorous selections process. To qualify for this program, they must:

  • Accounts must be in good standing

  • Must have and maintain a utilization of 15% or less

  • Cards enrolled in program must have a minimum of 12 months aging

How long will the accounts report to my credit?

Accounts will report for a minimum of 2 payment cycles or 60 days. If more reporting time is desired, a request must be received in writing no later than one week before the account is scheduled to stop reporting. Additional fees will be assessed for additional reporting time. It is highly recommended that requests are made more than one week before the end of reporting time.

When will the account report to my credit?

It will take 2-4 weeks before the account is reported.

Will my credit be pulled?

No. This process doesn't require a credit check.

How many tradelines can I purchase?

You can get as many as you need. This will be something discussed during your consultation.


credit monitoring

Enroll below for our credit monitoring service. This will allow us to properly review your credit report to provide the necessary recommendations based on what is needed to obtain the best results.


Next, you will complete the form below to book your credit consultation to discuss the best option to help increase your credit score. This will be a strategy meeting, so come prepared to take notes, as we will analyze your credit age history, credit utilization, and credit mixture.


Upon completion of your credit consultation and a tradeline has been matched, you will be invoiced to finalize your reservation. Once the invoice has been processed, you will receive a Tradeline User Agreement and Fiduciary Power of Attorney form to execute and return to our office. Upon receipt of these documents your order will be finalized.


It will take approximately 2-4 weeks for your tradeline to report to 2 of the 3 credit bureaus. Once it reports, you should then find a boost in your credit score. This would be the time to move forward with the plans outlined during the consultation. It will report for a minimum of 60 days (2 billing cycles). Extensions are also available and should be requested 1 week before the end of reporting period, at the very latest; however, it is recommended to make this request as early as possible.


Types of tradelines include major credit card companies and department store cards

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